Setup OneDrive on your device

Setup OneDrive on your device


Keeping it working (maintenance)

·        Organise your folders with titles to show they are on -OneDrive (Education), and not personal.

·        Password changes: you must sign in again if you change your DoE password.

·        With OneDrive running, anything added to a OneDrive Education folder will be Synced. Therefore, you must ensure OneDrive is running by looking at the checking blue cloud icon.

·        If you don’t see the blue cloud icon in your task bar, or can’t find your files, you need to open OneDrive from your applications.

·        Status indicators: Green tick shows a file is on your device, whereas a cloud indicates it is only stored on OneDrive and will download once clicked. See this link for a description of each variation of the Cloud icon:

·        You can have both personal and school accounts running in OneDrive at the same time on the same computer. See this link:



Further training:

The Microsoft Learn site is a source for credentialed training in all things Microsoft Education. Sign in to store your progress:


For your personal OneDrive, see this generic guide:

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